In the Acquerelli lamps, a palette of delicate colours enhances the hand-crafted workmanship of the blown glass.


Like overlapping brush-strokes, the colours enhance the hand-crafted workmanship of the blown glass, as they come together and liaise with their surroundings: the Acquerelli lamp collection is expressed in table lamp models and suspensions, distinguished by the combination of glass lampshades and a matt lead-colour painted metal frame. The glass is available in milk white finish or, in the nuanced or striped version, in elegant petroleum or amber colour. The Acquerelli lamps come in two sizes, large or small. In the table version, the two sizes correspond to two different lampshade shapes. In the suspension version, the double glass option is also available, with the small lampshade combined with the large one to create a single ceiling lamp to generate surprising plays of light.

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Data sheet

1 light suspension - small

Width: 14,50cm

Depth: 14,50cm

Height: 27cm

1 light suspension - large

Width: 40cm

Depth: 40cm

Height: 20,50cm

1 light suspension - double glass

Width: 40cm

Depth: 40cm

Height: 27cm

3 lights suspension

Width: 30cm

Depth: 30cm

Height: 27cm

Small table lamp

Width: 14,50cm

Depth: 14,50cm

Height: 27cm

Large table lamp

Width: 40cm

Depth: 40cm

Height: 17cm

Floor lamp

Width: 18cm

Depth: 45cm

Height: 154cm

  • Milky white

  • Gradient teal

  • Optic ribbed teal

  • Gradient amber

  • Optic ribbed amber

  • Mat lead

  • Marquinia

  • Rosso Carpazi

  • Carrara

The samples above represent the complete range of materials and finishes available for this product (regardless of the top shape or size, in the case of tables). Fabrics, eco-leather, leather and emery leather shown in this website are a selection. Colors and finishes are approximate and may slightly differ from actual ones. Please visit Bonaldo dealers to see the complete sample collection and get further details about our products.


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