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Eddy, Eddy up

Eddy, Eddy up

Eddy’s shapes take their inspiration from the world of cycling, from the minimal and elemental graphic design of the fixie, the vintage bicycle. “If you think about it, many of the first prototypes in the history of design were made in cycling workshops,” explains Alain Gilles, the designer of the minimal Eddy armchair, “because that’s where the masters of tubular metal manufacturing were, and they had the expertise required to make those objects with such essential style.” The Eddy armchair is built, using the same logic as bicycle construction, around a tubular metal frame. Even the way in which the various parts of the frame are connected - using “quick release” fittings - is an obvious reference to the cycling world. The many colours in which the metal frame is available, and the countless choices among leather, eco-leather and fabric for the seat, make graphic interplay possible. The armrests can be embellished with side pockets which are useful for storing books and magazines or to keep remote controls within easy reach. Eddy is available with headrest (Eddy up) or without (Eddy).

Data sheet

Width: 79cm
Depth: 89cm
Height: 73cm
Eddy up
Eddy up
Width: 79cm
Depth: 89cm
Height: 100cm


    • L08
    • L26
    • L30
    • L04
    • L01
    • L27
    • L37
    • L51
    • L53
    • L54


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