Frinfri, a gentle name that brings the summer to mind.


An expressive onomatopea that recalls the sounds of cicadas: this is the image that inspired the new line of coffee tables by Bonaldo. The geometric, slender and rounded design of the structure makes them light-weight, while a game of balances between sharp corners and rounded angles supports a practical removable tray, an element that can be further embellished with a refined ceramic top. In the version of one material, the effect is of essential elegance and functionality; in the version with the ceramic top, the contrast between the two materials adds further character. Frinfri coffee tables are available in three different heights and all models are proposed in multiple colour variants, to make it possible to choose the one that is most suitable to individual stylistic needs.

Data sheet

Frinfri high

Width: 40cm

Depth: 40cm

Height: 50cm

Frinfri medium

Width: 50cm

Depth: 50cm

Height: 45cm

Frinfri low

Width: 80cm

Depth: 80cm

Height: 34cm

  • Calacatta macchia vecchia

  • Calacatta

  • Gold Onice

  • Ardesia grey

  • Laurent

  • Mat white

  • Mat bronze

  • Mat anthracite grey

  • Mat lead

  • Mat black

  • Mat copper

  • Mat brass

Fabrics, eco-leather, leather and emery leather shown in this website are a selection. Colors and finishes are approximate and may slightly differ from actual ones. Please visit Bonaldo dealers to see the complete collection.



Dondoli and Pocci

Harmonious freedom: this is how you could sum up the contribution that Claudio Dondoli and Marco Pocci has been offering Bonaldo for years. Since their university days the experience of theatrical experimentation has stayed with them, continuing to burn bright in their later career as designers. And in their work, the interest for theatre decidedly influences the design framework of their creations. Dondoli e Pocci see design as beauty, harmony and freedom.