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Lamina too

Lamina too

Like a special pair of stilts but balanced on its four legs, distinguished by the welcoming glimpse of a backrest which embraces the seat. Lamina too is an emery-leather stool, embellished with matching stitching edges. Measured and timeless elegance, which furnishes with style and practicality, Lamina too is characterised by sober and harmoniously proportionate forms. The modern and essential design, enhanced by the high quality and the skilful workmanship of the materials, makes the Lamina too design kitchen stool, the perfect solution for any environment, from classic to contemporary, and ideal for a wide range of situations. In addition to the stool, the collection includes the chair (Lamina) and the armchair with armrests (Miss Lamina), coordinated to create consistent environments from a stylistic point of view.

Data sheet

Lamina too H 68
Lamina too H 68
Width: 46cm
Depth: 47cm
Height: 83cm
Lamina too H 78
Lamina too H 78
Width: 46cm
Depth: 48cm
Height: 93cm


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