The Lovy sofa is characterised by an unquestionably contemporary touch.


Lovy is a fixed sofa with an unusual silhouette: the semi-oval shape encourages conversation and the dual-height backrest creates movement from a visual perspective. Perfect for contract settings, the particular shape of the backrest makes it ideal for use in the middle of the room. In the modular version, Lovy sofa becomes even more customisable thanks to the various elements that allow it to be adapted to different spaces. The body is upholstered in removable fabric, the metal base is available in numerous colours and finishes. The vast success that this model has enjoyed has inspired Bonaldo to introduce a complete Lovy collection, thus making it possible to create perfectly coordinated environments with the same original style connotations: Lovy hi (with straight, high backrest), Lovy low (with straight, low backrest), Lovy ego (quilted), and Lovy armchair (with high or low backrest). The new and different modular elements allow the Lovy sofa to adapt to spaces and create customised solutions according to everyone's aesthetic needs.

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Data sheet

Lovy - sofa 248

Width: 248cm

Depth: 109cm

Height: 96cm

Lovy ego - sofa 248

Width: 248cm

Depth: 109cm

Height: 96cm

Lovy hi - sofa 225 with 3 cushions

Width: 225cm

Depth: 107cm

Height: 82cm

Lovy hi - sofa 225 with 2 cushions

Width: 225cm

Depth: 107cm

Height: 82cm

Lovy hi - sofa 195

Width: 195cm

Depth: 104cm

Height: 82cm

Lovy low - sofa 200

Width: 200cm

Depth: 94cm

Height: 63cm

Lovy low - sofa 170

Width: 170cm

Depth: 91cm

Height: 63cm

Pouf 162x64

Width: 162cm

Depth: 64cm

Height: 36cm

Pouf Ø55

Width: 55cm

Depth: 55cm

Height: 36cm

Pouf 53x53

Width: 53cm

Depth: 53cm

Height: 36cm


Width: 192cm

Depth: 126cm

Height: 82cm

End section sofa

Width: 225cm

Depth: 101cm

Height: 82cm


Width: 60cm

Depth: -cm

Height: 45cm


Width: 60cm

Depth: -cm

Height: 30cm

  • 9B02

  • 9B08

  • 9B17

  • 9B22

  • 9B26

  • 9B36

  • 9B39

  • 9B42

  • 9B44

  • 9B48

  • MC40

  • MC43

  • MC46

  • MC47

  • MC49

  • MB66

  • MB67

  • MB72

  • MB90

  • MB91

  • MB92

  • MA02

  • MA04

  • MA07

  • MA09

  • MA11

  • MA20

  • MA22

  • MC39

  • MC60

  • MC61

  • MC62

  • MC67

  • MC69

  • MC76

  • MC81

  • MC83

  • MC85

  • MD30

  • MD31

  • MD32

  • MD34

  • MD35

  • MD37

  • MD39

  • MD41

  • MD44

  • MD45

  • MD47

  • MD48

  • SP19

  • SP20

  • SP21

  • SP22

  • SP23

  • SP01

  • SP04

  • SP05

  • SP06

  • SP07

  • SP31

  • SP33

  • SP34

  • SP36

  • SP38

  • SP48

  • SP45

  • SP50

  • SP51

  • SP52

  • Mat white

  • Mat dove grey

  • Mat anthracite grey

  • Mat black

  • Mat bronze

  • Mat lead

  • Mat pearl gold

  • Mat platinum

  • Mat copper

  • Mat brass

The samples above represent the complete range of materials and finishes available for this product (regardless of the top shape or size, in the case of tables). Fabrics, eco-leather, leather and emery leather shown in this website are a selection. Colors and finishes are approximate and may slightly differ from actual ones. Please visit Bonaldo dealers to see the complete sample collection and get further details about our products.


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