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The Luigio modern valet stand designed by Marconato & Zappa offers an extra service for the sleeping area. Three tubular metal elements emerge from the oval-shaped ceramic base, at the ends of which wooden elements with well-defined functions are mounted. The first ends in a coat hanger, carved in solid wood while the second element curves to form a support for trousers, but can also be used as a bag hook. The third, parallel to the first, ends with a storage container and a pocket emptier. In its formal elegance Luigio is a slender object ideal for giving order to the daily routine thanks to its practicality in use. The ceramic base is available in different finishes, even contrasting with the framework, thereby giving Luigio both a strong character and an original style.

Data sheet

Width: 45cm
Depth: 59cm
Height: 121cm


    • Mat lead
    • Mat bronze


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