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Mida too

Mida too

The Mida collection is named after the mythical King Midas who turned everything he touched into gold. Similarly, the Mida too bar stool with armrest adds a touch of style to any space, featuring a backrest with a generous, enveloping shape and a metal base that gives the structure a harmonious design. The soft padding of the seat and backrest, combined with the exquisite upholstery offered by Bonaldo, make Mida too the perfect element in front of a bar top. The Mida collection includes a chair (Mida), a chair with armrests (Miss Mida), a version with a wider seat (Mida large) and a stool (Mida too) in two different heights.

Data sheet

Mida too H 67
Mida too H 67
Width: 51cm
Depth: 55cm
Height: 91cm
Mida too H 77
Mida too H 77
Width: 51cm
Depth: 55cm
Height: 101cm


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    • 344
    • 346
    • 353
    • 354
    • 356
    • 358
    • 359
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    • 372
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