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Nelson bedside table

Nelson bedside table

Matteo Nunziati has designed a new collection for Bonaldo dedicated to the bedroom, featuring meticulous attention to craftsmanship with a careful selection of materials and a contemporary feel. Among its pieces of bedroom furniture, the Nelson elegant bedside table stands out for its long, slimline metal base, which supports the wooden drawer, characterised by clean, simple lines. A functional and spacious element with an understated design and warm wood tones that fits seamlessly into different settings.

Data sheet

Nelson bedside table
Nelson bedside table
Width: 56cm
Depth: 45cm
Height: 52cm


    • Walnut Canaletto

Materials, fabrics, leathers, colors and finishes are approximate and may slightly differ from actual ones. You can find the complete collection of Bonaldo fabrics and leathers on the website https://www.bonaldo.biz/


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