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Delicate, clearly defined lines sum up the Noor padded dining chair, featuring a steel frame which is both light and solid. The seat comes close to the structure of the backrest without touching it, giving the overall impression of “floating”. The design of the backrest, slightly curved at the sides, gives it a welcoming and comfortable appeal. The backrest and seat are padded and upholstered in leather, eco-leather or fabric.

Data sheet

Width: 47cm
Depth: 57cm
Height: 82cm


    • 330
    • 332
    • 340
    • 341
    • 343
    • 344
    • 346
    • 354
    • 353
    • 356
    • 358
    • 359
    • 368
    • 370
    • 369
    • 371
    • 372
    • 373

Materials, fabrics, leathers, colors and finishes are approximate and may slightly differ from actual ones. You can find the complete collection of Bonaldo fabrics and leathers on the website https://www.bonaldo.biz/


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