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Olos pouf

Olos pouf

Soft and discreet, the modern footstool from the Olos collection is an element that completes the furniture found in the sleeping area but which is also perfectly at home in other areas of the house. The Olos pouf stands out both on account of its generous and rounded padding, and also because it is slightly raised off the ground thanks to the curved wooden base, a typical feature of the Olos collection.

Data sheet

Olos pouf
Olos pouf
Width: 43cm
Depth: 50cm
Height: 43cm


    • 330
    • 332
    • 340
    • 343
    • 344
    • 341
    • 346
    • 353
    • 354
    • 356
    • 358
    • 359
    • 368
    • 369
    • 370
    • 371
    • 372
    • 373

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Mauro Lipparini

Winner of prestigious international design contests like Young & Designer Milano (1987) and the International Du Pont Award Köln (Germany, 1988 and 1989), Mauro Lipparini has brought his consolidated experience in the field of industrial and interior design to Bonaldo since 2005. Lipparini’s style is based on essential forms and energetic lines, organic patterns and original visual ideas imbued with a playful spirit.

Mauro Lipparini