Saddle bed

Saddle Bed is the natural continuation of the eponymous family of sofas and armchairs.


The headboard and bed frame are distinctive elements of Saddle bed: folded over themselves, they bring to mind the form of a saddle, which gives the name to this family. Characterising the bed’s headboard are the signs of the quilting and the precious leather insert, reprised also in the bed frame, which allows a singular play of materials and combinations that create an appealing optical effect and emphasise the extreme attention to detail. The figure of the bed is made even lighter by the feet in painted metal available in numerous finishes. Alternatively, it is possible to choose among other different versions: Saddle bed hi with an even higher headboard, Saddle bed plus with a thicker bed frame and low feet, and Saddle bed hi plus, which combines these two variants. The bed is now also available with storage (Saddle bed open and Saddle bed hi open). The collection is completed by the Saddle bench with a shaped foot.

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Data sheet

Saddle bed

Width: 188-194-214-228cm

Depth: 238-243cm

Height: 100cm

Saddle bed hi

Width: 188-194-214-228cm

Depth: 238-243cm

Height: 120cm

Saddle bed plus

Width: 188-194-214-228cm

Depth: 237-242cm

Height: 100cm

Saddle bed hi plus

Width: 188-194-214-228cm

Depth: 237-242cm

Height: 100cm

Saddle bed open

Width: 188-194-214-228cm

Depth: 237-242cm

Height: 120cm

Saddle bed hi open

Width: 188-194-214-228cm

Depth: 237-242cm

Height: 120cm

  • 9B02

  • 9B08

  • 9B17

  • 9B22

  • 9B26

  • 9B36

  • 9B39

  • 9B42

  • 9B44

  • 9B48

  • MA04

  • MA07

  • MA02

  • MA09

  • MA20

  • MA22

  • MA11

  • MC39

  • MC40

  • MC43

  • MC46

  • MC47

  • MC49

  • MC60

  • MC62

  • MC61

  • MC67

  • MC69

  • MC76

  • MC81

  • MC83

  • MC85

  • MD30

  • MD31

  • MD32

  • MD34

  • MD35

  • MD37

  • MD41

  • MD39

  • MD44

  • MD45

  • MD47

  • MD48

  • SP01

  • SP04

  • SP05

  • SP06

  • SP07

  • SP19

  • SP20

  • SP21

  • SP22

  • SP23

  • SP31

  • SP33

  • SP34

  • SP36

  • SP38

  • SP39 Ivory - Varazze

  • SP40 Light grey - Nebbia

  • SP41 Dark grey - Black80

  • SP42 Brick red - Palinuro

  • SP43 Powder blue - Navy

  • SP44 Olive green - Jesolo

  • SP45

  • SP48

  • SP50

  • SP51

  • SP52

  • A01

  • A02

  • A03

  • A04

  • A05

  • A06

  • L08

  • L26

  • L30

  • A06

  • A05

  • A04

  • A03

  • A02

  • A01

  • L01

  • L04

  • L27

  • L37

  • L51

  • L53

  • L54

  • Mat white

  • Mat anthracite grey

  • Mat black

  • Mat dove grey

  • Supreme anthracite

  • Mat lead

  • Mat bronze

  • Mat pearl gold

  • Bed blanket

  • Bed sheet

The samples above represent the complete range of materials and finishes available for this product (regardless of the top shape or size, in the case of tables). Fabrics, eco-leather, leather and emery leather shown in this website are a selection. Colors and finishes are approximate and may slightly differ from actual ones. Please visit Bonaldo dealers to see the complete sample collection and get further details about our products.


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Giuseppe Viganò

He gained a diversified experience in the furniture industry by which he acquired a comprehensive way of looking at the project. Viganò launched his collaboration with Bonaldo in 2004 with the Squaring bed, which would become one of the company’s most popular products. His contribution is based on energetic combinations of lines and an industrial design orientation. Among the popular pieces made for Bonaldo there is the TL table, awarded the "Good Design Award” in 2015.