From its very name, the Sofì lamps pay homage to the age-old and prized hand glass-blowing technique.


The primary shape of the Sofi collection, designed by Studio Team Design, is the borosilicate glass globe with a warm amber finish, which is combined with a burnished brass cylinder which contains the light source and brings to mind the image of master glass-blowers who, in their Venetian workshops, use their long blowpipes to craft the incandescent molten glass with skill. Sofi makes it possible to create coordinated environments, thanks to its expression in a multitude of models: the ceiling lamp with a metal frame with 7, 10 or 13 lights, the suspension with 1, 5 or 7 globes, the floor lamp, two versions of the table lamp (lower without a glass globe, or higher with a glass globe) and the wall lamp, distinguished by the double direction of the light flux.

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Data sheet

Single fixture

Width: 16cm

Depth: 16cm

Height: 68cm

Fixture 5 lights

Width: 122cm

Depth: 122cm

Height: 68cm

Fixture 7 lights

Width: 130cm

Depth: 130cm

Height: 68cm

Fixture 13 lights

Width: 74cm

Depth: 73cm

Height: 76cm

Fixture with frame 7 lights

Width: 130cm

Depth: 70cm

Height: 23cm

Fixture with frame 10 lights

Width: 190cm

Depth: 70cm

Height: 23cm


Width: 16cm

Depth: 18cm

Height: 44cm

Table lamp small

Width: 20cm

Depth: 25cm

Height: 36cm

Table lamp large

Width: 25cm

Depth: 31cm

Height: 53cm

Floor lamp

Width: 31cm

Depth: 42cm

Height: 140cm

  • Amber

  • Burnished brass

The samples above represent the complete range of materials and finishes available for this product (regardless of the top shape or size, in the case of tables). Fabrics, eco-leather, leather and emery leather shown in this website are a selection. Colors and finishes are approximate and may slightly differ from actual ones. Please visit Bonaldo dealers to see the complete sample collection and get further details about our products.


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