Slab plus

Slab plus is a sofa collection that inspires total relaxation.


Rigorous linearity of shapes and softness of material coexist in Slab plus, sofa able to be ideally included in the home with a balanced modernity, perfect for living areas with an innovative and contemporary spirit, to which it adapts with great flexibility thanks to the numerous elements contained in the collection. Not only aesthetic, but also comfort: the deep seating and the height of the backrest ensure excellent comfort and inspire total relaxation. The upholstery, fully removable, is available in fabric or leather; the original base in painted metal gives a suspended look and, resuming the squared lines of the padded body, ensures the visual consistency of the design.

Data sheet

Sofa 250

Width: 250cm

Depth: 95cm

Height: 76cm

Sofa 220

Width: 220cm

Depth: 95cm

Height: 76cm

Sofa 190

Width: 190cm

Depth: 95cm

Height: 76cm

End section sofa 225

Width: 225cm

Depth: 95cm

Height: 76cm

End section sofa 195

Width: 195cm

Depth: 95cm

Height: 76cm

End section sofa 165

Width: 165cm

Depth: 95cm

Height: 76cm

Chaise longue 124x180

Width: 124cm

Depth: 180cm

Height: 76cm

Chaise longue 109x160

Width: 109cm

Depth: 160cm

Height: 76cm

Penisola 180

Width: 95cm

Depth: 180cm

Height: 76cm

Penisola 160

Width: 95cm

Depth: 160cm

Height: 76cm

Pouf 125x60

Width: 125cm

Depth: 60cm

Height: 40cm

Pouf 110x60

Width: 110cm

Depth: 60cm

Height: 40cm

Pouf 95x95

Width: 95cm

Depth: 95cm

Height: 43cm

Pouf 95x60

Width: 95cm

Depth: 60cm

Height: 43cm

Combination 1

Width: 349cm

Depth: 180cm

Height: 76cm

Combination 2

Width: 250cm

Depth: 95cm

Height: 76cm

Combination 3

Width: 334cm

Depth: 160cm

Height: 76cm

  • 9B02

  • 9B08

  • 9B17

  • 9B22

  • 9B26

  • 9B36

  • 9B39

  • 9B42

  • 9B44

  • 9B48

  • MC40

  • MC43

  • MC46

  • MC47

  • MC49

  • SP19

  • SP20

  • SP21

  • SP22

  • SP23

  • MB66

  • MB67

  • MB72

  • MB90

  • MB91

  • MB92

  • MD01

  • MD06

  • MD07

  • MD10

  • MD12

  • SP01

  • SP04

  • SP05

  • SP06

  • SP07

  • MA02

  • MA04

  • MA07

  • MA09

  • MA11

  • MA20

  • MA22

  • MA39

  • MC60

  • MC61

  • MC62

  • MC67

  • MC69

  • MC76

  • MC81

  • MC83

  • MC85

  • MA34

  • MA35

  • MA36

  • MA38

  • L08

  • L09

  • L26

  • L30

  • L34

  • L43

  • L44

  • L51

  • A01

  • A02

  • A03

  • A04

  • A05

  • A06

  • L06

  • Mat white

  • Mat dove grey

  • Mat brown

  • Mat amaranth

  • Mat bronze

  • Mat anthracite grey

  • Mat lead

  • Mat black

Fabrics, eco-leather, leather and emery leather shown in this website are a selection. Colors and finishes are approximate and may slightly differ from actual ones. Please visit Bonaldo dealers to see the complete collection.






Mauro Lipparini

Vincitore di prestigiosi concorsi internazionali di design come il “Young & Designer Milano” (1987) e “International Du Pont Award Köln” (Germania, 1988 e 1989), Mauro Lipparini porta in Bonaldo dal 2005 la sua consolidata esperienza nel campo dell'industrial e dell'interior design. Lo stile di Lipparini è basato su forme essenziali e linee energiche, trame organiche e idee visive originali imbevute di uno spirito giocoso.