Tirella is an armchair with an extremely creative soul, capable of being surprising.


Mixing the ingredients together in an unprecedented manner, to achieve a new recipe, a new flavour, a new shape. A different concept of the cushion, the way to combine the various elements, the inspiration drawn from the shape of fabric swatches laid on the top of a cutting table and from the clothes hanging out to dry on the line on a sunny day: these are the ingredients for the new recipe devised by the designer Paolo Grasselli for the Tirella armchair. At the level of the armrests, the metal frame is “enveloped” by cushions that can be chosen in one-colour fabric or in multiple shades, to create different combinations, becoming structural and concurrently decorative components of the armchair. The upholstery on the seat cushions and backrest/armrest is completely removable.

Data sheet

Width: 97cm

Depth: 81cm

Height: 71cm

  • 9B02

  • 9B08

  • 9B17

  • 9B22

  • 9B26

  • 9B36

  • 9B39

  • 9B42

  • 9B44

  • 9B48

  • MC40

  • MC43

  • MC46

  • MC47

  • MC49

  • SP19

  • SP20

  • SP21

  • SP22

  • SP23

  • MB66

  • MB67

  • MB72

  • MB90

  • MB91

  • MB92

  • MD01

  • MD06

  • MD07

  • MD10

  • MD12

  • SP01

  • SP04

  • SP05

  • SP06

  • SP07

  • MA02

  • MA04

  • MA07

  • MA09

  • MA11

  • MA20

  • MA22

  • MA39

  • MC60

  • MC61

  • MC62

  • MC67

  • MC69

  • MC76

  • MC81

  • MC83

  • MC85

  • MA34

  • MA35

  • MA36

  • MA38

  • Mat white

  • Mat dove grey

  • Mat brown

  • Mat amaranth

  • Mat bronze

  • Mat artic blue

  • Mat anthracite grey

  • Mat lead

  • Mat black

  • Mat copper

  • Mat brass

Fabrics, eco-leather, leather and emery leather shown in this website are a selection. Colors and finishes are approximate and may slightly differ from actual ones. Please visit Bonaldo dealers to see the complete collection.






Paolo Grasselli

Paolo Grasselli, esperto di design e di progettazione d‟interni. Diplomato all'ISIA di Firenze, dal 2003 inizia a collaborare con aziende che producono illuminazione per le quali disegna diverse collezioni di lampade. Dal 2008 Art Director di alcune aziende dal settore. I suoi oggetti sono stati esposti presso il “Deutsches Architektur Museum” di Francoforte e la “Felissimo Design House” di New York.