The space where people and furniture meet.

B/Style means that the furnishings are not just a simple collection of individual parts, but different instruments in the same orchestra.

With its unique B/Style, Bonaldo intends to go beyond the idea of coordinated style or timeless decor and achieve the goal of creating environments in which the interiors and the objects within can enter into an in-depth dialogue. The result is design without space, where the individual furnishing accessories – tables and chairs, bookcases, accessories and lamps, as well as sofas and beds – are an integrated whole that speaks the same language and expresses the intimacy of a space yet while having the capacity to make each person feel that they are in their own environment.

Close to the lake.
Timeless emotional design.

The lake as a slender thread that unites internal and external spaces, in a perfect interplay of light, large windows and reflecting materials.


Living in black and white.
Black and white Design.

Black and white in a contrast with its meeting point in neutral shades of grey. A timeless, deeply elegant environment.


Deep charm.
Sophisticated in-depth furnishing.

A contemporary story expressing the meaning of enchantment: design whose strength is based on light, matter and nature.

Deep Charm B\Style

Warm memories.
Timeless furnishings, timeless style.

Time acquires form in the story of a place from the past, a vison of which is re-imagined in the contemporary.


Citizen of the world.
Rigorous volumes, scenographic evocations.

The tangible connection between travel, discovery and the exchange of ideas and influence is to be enjoyed in an environment that becomes soft and yielding as it welcomes distant worlds.

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