Bonaldo People, that is, the people on which a company's success is built. Men and women moved by a deep value shared with Bonaldo: work in terms of the desire to "do", commitment and interest. Because everyone has a task that they do best. Behind the continuous development of the company is the active participation of people who feel they belong to a group and create an atmosphere of cooperation, based on shared goals and a sense of responsibility.

Always looking to the future.

Thanks to augmented reality, it is possible to visit the Padua showroom virtually, in a totally immersive experience: 6,000 m2 to be explored! #insidebonaldo

Virtual connections, real contacts.

Social networks as a means of direct contact with the Bonaldo world, to discover what happens inside it every day.

The power of a smile.

Precision, order and great passion are fundamental: that’s the only way production flows run smoothly and without any hitches.

Like a tailored suit.

Having been in the company, for a long time.

Trend explorers.

Our designers collect inspirations, contaminations, ideas and convert them into design projects.

Experience and esteem.

Bonaldo can count on the experience of internationally renowned designers. Some collaborations are recent; others, such as the one with Bartoli Design, have been lasting for more than 30 years.

Shapes and functions.

Materials, shapes, finishes and sizes: the quality of our products enables you to improve not only your house…but also your everyday life.

Illuminating ideas.

The designers work closely with Bonaldo Research and Development to create brilliant products.

An international language.

The presence of showrooms, shopping corners and stores distributed all over the world demonstrates the level of appreciation of a multifarious clientèle and Bonaldo extraordinary ability to identify and accommodate the various domestic requirements of foreign countries.

Always on the move!

Reliability, speed and precision: our warehouse workers and drivers, with their vehicles, guarantee a safe trip, inside and outside the company.

Everyone in Milan!

The Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan represents for Bonaldo one of the most important moments of meeting with customers, partners, architects, designers and journalists.

From the idea to the prototype.

The production of prototypes requires precision, coordination and technology. A crucial step for the quality of the product.

Skilful cuts.

The textiles are checked and cut down to the millimetre with certainty and tailoring precision.

Having been in the company, for a long time.

Being able to transform the raw materials and bending metal gives an idea of real strength. Inside the factory, expert hands know the product in every detail.

Always new ideas.

Over the years, Bonaldo has also decided to invest on young designers: the talent scouting activity gives great satisfaction to the company and leads to the creation of globally recognized and appreciated products.

Quality check.

Bonaldo products are beautiful, but also comfortable: every pouf, sofa, armchair in our showrooms is at your disposal, it is worth trying them!

Irresistible comfort.

Bonaldo upholstered furniture is comfortable, soft, enveloping ... and gives space to your dreams.

A network.

The agents, area managers and the sales network are able to advise the best solutions for the various stylistic and functional needs.


Nothing is left to chance in a photoshoot: inside Bonaldo catalogues, the products are presented in many finishes and placed into different contexts to stimulate ideas and suggestions, best describing their potential.