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Heron, Heron up

Heron, Heron up

Starting from a flat surface, studying proportions, corners and connections: a game of geometry. A balanced proportion of slender planes, surfaces which bend to give life to the frame, joining together and highlighting the stretched lines that follow the entire perimeter, extending in total lightness and space where the rear legs are connected. As the name for this chair, the word heron was chosen for a significant reason: lightness is the surprising characteristic of this chair, thanks to the geometry of the seat and backrest and remarkably enhanced by the thin legs. Available also in the version Heron up, with a higher backrest.

Data sheet

Width: 56cm
Depth: 56cm
Height: 82cm
Heron up
Heron up
Width: 56cm
Depth: 59cm
Height: 92cm


    • L08
    • L26
    • L30
    • L01
    • L04
    • L27
    • L37
    • L51
    • L53
    • L54


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