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James bench

James bench

The ideal accessory to go with the double bed from the same family, the style of the James bench is inspired by the typical elegance of 1950s design, in particular the sophisticated detail of the stitching and needlework on the upholstery of the padded seat. The stylistic theme of the seat is counterpointed by the minimal and rigorous design of the metal base, which is punctuated by the clear distinction between the load-bearing surface and the four exposed cylindrical legs. It is a skilful interplay of proportions, languages, materials and formal references that go beyond stylistic conventions.

Data sheet

James bench
James bench
Width: 144cm
Depth: 40cm
Height: 39cm


    • 9B02
    • 9B08
    • 9B26
    • 9B22
    • 9B17
    • 9B36
    • 9B39
    • 9B42
    • 9B44
    • 9B48

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